Cooper Roof

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For several centuries, copper roofing and roof types have been used in the manufacture of roofs of various configurations. When mounting a roof with a small angle (about 3 ° -12 °), copper is considered to be the only material guaranteeing a long service life, and the folding method ensures that the roof paintings are correctly fixed.
The main advantage of the copper roof is the external beauty and elegance, the strength of the coating, as well as the simplicity and flexibility of editing. In addition, the seam roof made of copper has high impenetrable and waterproof qualities.

At the initial turn of the life of golden copper, darkening is characteristic, so the rebate roof takes on a nice brown hue. At the end of 2-3 years, the color gradually turns into dark brown. But this is not the final change – later, the copper roof acquires a matte black color, and then the color is green.

After ten to fifteen years, the copper roof is covered with malachite-green coating. This is the final step in the reconstruction of the appearance of the material, followed by a centuries-old period of operation in a constant appearance.

The transformation processes are caused by external actions, which affects the copper roof. Among these, the effects of weather and climate, high humidity, the amount of UV rays and other elements can be attributed.

The secret of the strength and long life of the copper roof is directly dependent on the oxidation process. There is a current protective copper texture – patina. Patina prevents the damaging effects on the environment around the copper roof and extends the life of the roof. Thus, copper has become a market leader in well-known roofing materials.

Choosing a copper roof for your building, you bought not only a beautiful, high-quality and long-term roof, because you made a reliable contribution to your property.

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