A Look At Work Permits And Changing Employers

Temporary immigrant workers in Canada need to reapply for a work permit if their position comes to an end or they wish to change jobs. They don’t have to do so if they have an open work permit, however. Canadian immigration policy is quite clear on the subject, so workers who would like to find another employer should consult a qualified immigration lawyer to effect the change. Immigration lawyers can help you determine what positions may be available and can advise you whether you’ll need approval by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

Why Must HRSDC Approve Jobs?

The HRSDC is responsible for preventing immigrants from taking jobs away from qualified Canadians. Many employers cannot find permanent Canadian residents to fill necessary positions in some areas and an HRSDC opinion must claim that, in its opinion, hiring an immigrant worker will not reduce Canadian employment prospects.

Exactly What Is an Open Work Permit?

They are difficult to obtain. They are granted at times to the spouse or common law partner of the worker who holds a temporary work permit. The partners of foreign students may also get the open work permit. They’re sometimes granted to destitute students as a humanitarian gesture. Asylum seekers or the family of sponsored permanent residents may be able to qualify. Those holding an open work permit do not need to reapply when changing jobs.

What Are the Requirements for Reapplication?

You have to meet all requirements of the original work permit, which include the examples below:

· You need to have an offer of employment originating from a recognized Canadian employer. The job must receive a favorable HRSDC opinion, unless the job is exempt.

· Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the CIC, which has final approval of the working permit application, must also grant a Temporary Resident Visa.

· The fees for application for both permits has to be paid fully.

· For jobs lasting 6 or more months or that may impact public health, a medical exam is usually necessary.

· When all information and documentation has been gathered, the permit can be issued very quickly. You should be aware that even though you may qualify in all particulars, the CIC has great discretion for approving work permit applications. An immigration attorney can take a look at application to make sure things are in perfect order. Immigration attorneys may also be in a position to assist you in finding suitable employment for which to apply.

Spouses and partners of students and work permit holders may qualify for an open work permit. They must meet other requirements for work permits, however, including receiving a Temporary Resident Visa. Regardless of what immigration challenges you face, you’ll facilitate a good response by engaging the expertise of an immigration law firm.

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