Brick N’ Mortar Academy is Launching a 10-Week Online Program on Ways to Start and Run a Successful Brick-and-Mortar Business

United States: When the founders of Brick N’ Mortar, Joann, and Kyle, were transitioning from a 9 to 5 to the brick-and-mortar business, they faced many challenges. They made mistakes most small business owners make, such as opening a business in the wrong location, not knowing how to manage inventory, and purchasing the wrong POS. While they successfully got it right after many wrong turns, this might not be the case for some people starting a business. They may not get the chance to save their business from such a series of mistakes.

Brick N’ Mortar Academy is launching a 10-week online program for people interested in turning their ideas into brick-and-mortar businesses. Whether they are business owners who want to move to a brick-and-mortar storefront, nine-to-fivers exhausted from being confined to an office, or go-getters looking for a side hustle, the program will have easy-to-follow modules. 

One module is on validating the business idea and ensuring it can pass the time test. While it is easy to identify a business opportunity in modern economic times, it is easier for the brick-and-mortar enterprise to go out of business due to poor planning. Therefore, the course comes in handy in training interested persons to outline the entire business plan to create a strategic roadmap. 

While different businesses have different regulations, small business owners must know what documents to have before opening doors. The 10-week live and Q&A sessions with Joann and Kyle will dive into the required forms, legalities, and compliance. With these sessions, trainees will be certain of not starting a business on the wrong side of the law, which is synonymous with fines and delays. 

Like most parts of the western world, there are few regulations on how much landlords can charge business owners on lease. To protect them from exploitation, they will learn all the necessary skills to negotiate leases and, more importantly, find a location that fits their business.

Joann and Kyle also understand that marketing is a different ball game for new small business owners. They will help them create local marketing plans and ensure the money is well spent. Other aspects of marketing, such as effectively selling products and services and building out and merchandising, are also part of the program’s scope. 

Small businesses must streamline operations like multi-billion enterprises for maximum profits and sustainability. Brick N’ Mortar intends to train the attendees on other often-ignored aspects of running small businesses, such as tools, systems, and processes. Also, the program will explore ways they can build virtual communities and be part of existing ones, such as joining Facebook communities. 

Persons interested in attending the 10-week online program with Joann and Kyle can contact Brick N’ Mortar at 214-687-6657. Visit the website for more information.

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