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Sydney, NSW – Since commercial offices are second homes to employees, business owners/managers can’t afford to let dirty floors, stained carpets, or unkempt service areas ruin their company’s reputation, drive away potential customers, or put the health of their employees in danger. To maintain, clean, and sanitise an office space, businesses need the services of Cleana Commercial Cleaning Sydney, a professional cleaning company on a mission to offer deep cleaning services. 

The company comprises a team of highly trained and experienced cleaners fully insured and police-verified to provide cleaning services for schools, commercial kitchens, corporate buildings, hospitals, industrial complexes, gyms, childcare facilities, warehouses, malls, and convention centres. With the understanding that each business has different cleaning requirements, the cleaners work hand in hand with clients to understand their cleaning needs and offer tailored services to keep their workspaces spotless. 

Whether a property owner requires routine/recurring or one-off cleaning services, they can schedule a commercial cleaning Sydney. The cleaners are trained to perform move-in & move-out cleaning for businesses moving into a new office building or moving out/relocating to a new location. Most times, tenants poorly maintain a rented property, resulting in them losing their security deposits. With this in mind, Cleana Commercial Cleaning Sydney offers end-of-lease cleaning services to welcome a new tenant or ease the process of moving. The skilled construction cleaners at the company provide high-quality deep cleaning and stain removal services for newly constructed properties by taking out dust/cement particles, dirt smudges, and more. 

Customer service businesses such as hospitals, churches, schools, childcare facilities, or malls can schedule disinfection cleaning services to remove viruses/contaminants or limit the spread of infections. Cleana Commercial Cleaning Sydney uses a highly popular hospital-grade electrostatic disinfection method certified to be effective against the coronavirus, germs, or bacteria. The high traffic disinfection service ensures that frequently touched/used surfaces are routinely disinfected to improve the health of the building’s occupants. 

Additionally, the cleaning company prioritises thorough deep cleaning of restaurants, factories, and kitchens and regular cleaning/sanitising of bathrooms, toilets, or reception areas. Cleana Commercial Cleaning Sydney has heavily invested in advanced equipment, cleaning tools, and technologies that are hypoallergenic and safe for human health, surrounding property, and the environment. The selection of cleaning tools, methods, supplies, or detergents depends on a project’s requirements, an approach that has earned them many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials.  

Cleana Commercial Cleaning Sydney uses a meticulous approach to analyse a property’s cleaning needs based on the size, property type, sanitising needs, property condition, and duration since the last clean to provide a custom cleaning plan. To schedule a quote, call 0283794072 or visit their website. The company is located at Suite 58/377 Kent St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, AU. 

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