Cost-Effective Fermentation for APIs and Bioactive Metabolites at BOC Sciences

Cost-Effective Fermentation for APIs and Bioactive Metabolites at BOC Sciences

Cost-Effective Fermentation for APIs and Bioactive Metabolites at BOC Sciences

New York, United States – BOC Sciences unveils fermentation services for APIs and bioactive metabolites with cost-effective solutions, hoping to expand access to fermented chemicals for international researchers. 

Fermentation produces small molecules, including peptides, oligos, proteins, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), and macromolecules, plus various bioactive metabolites, including antibiotics, enzyme inhibitors, mycotoxins, and other biologically active by-products, which could potentially serve as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for clinical & commercial supply. Different from conventional synthetic small molecules, fermented small molecules are usually of higher bioactivity and cost-efficiency and may better meet the research needs of various fields, such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, animal feed, and material science.

As a comprehensive biotechnology company, BOC Sciences provides pilot-to-commercial microbial fermentation capabilities and full support throughout fermented products’ life cycles. After more than 20 years of development and expansion, it has built compact and modular reactors of different sizes to achieve laboratory production to industrial scale-up, using advanced control technologies and process strategies to automate, intensify, and improve customers’ fermentation process. In addition, BOC Sciences can also carry out special projects for pilot and industrial plants and can handle the retrofitting and modernization of existing systems.

Since microbial fermentation-based GMP manufacturing provides faster development, higher yields, enhanced quality, reduced variation between batches, better scalability, and lower production costs, BOC Sciences has developed the scientific know-how and tools to enlarge the availability of fermented chemicals, thus facilitating the R&D of new drugs. Its fermentation technique for bridging science with manufacturing is now being leveraged for APIs and bioactive metabolites, and it is the key to ultimately developing high-quality drugs. With a range of process development capabilities and manufacturing solutions, its R&D labs are dedicated to delivering API fermentation that can meet the different needs of customers.

“Our commercial fermentation platform is equipped to support API and bioactive metabolite needs as well as deliver operational excellence and appropriate analytical technologies. Not to mention our experience and dedication, which are the foundations of customer confidence, allowing us to execute clients’ programs successfully at minimum pricing pressures and intensifying competition for small molecules and biologics.” The marketing manager at BOC Sciences said.

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is a life science organization with an experienced team of experts in the field of microbiology, chemistry, and biology. With a surge in fermented biologics, further enhancing fermentation productivity at reduced costs is necessary. BOC Sciences is moving forward in this field with its professional, high-quality products and services related to microbial metabolites for researchers from the food safety, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries.

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