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Liberty Township, OH: With the establishment of QC Kinetix (Liberty), athletes suffering from chronic pain and sports injuries now have alternative treatment options to consider away from expensive, invasive surgery. The clinic is home to skilled providers ready to deal with the pain regardless of whether it is caused by degenerative medical diseases, direct trauma, or sports-related injuries. Their resolve is strengthened by the realization that many people affected by chronic pain are forced to fight an unending battle. The solutions administered by QC Kinetix (Liberty) sports medicine Cincinnati sports medicine Cincinnati are tailored to meet the patient’s needs and eliminate pain at the source.  

During the first visit, a professional medical provider will examine the problem area to determine the source of pain and set up the appropriate treatment. As a rule, the QC Kinetix (Liberty) medical team will also explain every treatment step of the procedure. Their wide-ranging treatments include Back Pain Treatment, Knee Pain Treatment, Hip Pain Treatment, Arthritis Pain treatment, and more. 

Besides pain relief without surgery, biologic therapies play an important role in improving body function and the quality of life. To this end, the pain control clinic offers the latest regenerative orthopedics. Another hallmark of seeking treatment at QC Kinetix (Liberty) is their one-of-a-kind, personalized concierge-level service by experienced board-certified physicians. Resident practitioner, Amanda Nguyen, PA, serves as a Physician Assistant at the clinic. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Miami University and a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from St. Joseph University. 

Because the demand for sports medicine in Cincinnati is growing, the clinic offers numerous treatments, including Joint Pain Treatment, which targets joint pain and musculoskeletal injuries. The treatment is designed to enable injured athletes to return to the normal field of play or resume working out at the gym. Joint Pain Treatment is ideal for the golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, torn rotator cuff, and more. Athletes who have chosen the treatment get an opportunity to forego a knee brace and avoid risky surgery. For patients with hip pain, the surgery alternatives presented by QC Kinetix (Liberty) provide a different route away from expensive hip pain replacement. 

It is essential to recognize that Sports medicine Cincinnati is not for everyone, including patients suffering pain due to total joint replacement, active cancer, or those with compromised immune systems. Also listed are patients with kidney failure, those who require dialysis, pregnant or nursing women, and those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Athletes and other clients are asked to book a consultation to speak to one of the sports medicine clinic’s doctors to get an accurate picture of their health situation and treatment suitability. 

The QC Kinetix (Liberty) medical team can be reached at (513) 847-0019. The sports medicine clinic is located at 6770 Cincinnati Dayton Road, Suite 110, Liberty Township, Ohio, 45044, US. 

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