Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary, a Premier Smoke and Vape Shop, Opens a New Location in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK – Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary in Oklahoma is part of a chain of dispensaries providing the highest quality CBD products that have been thoroughly lab tested to safeguard people’s health. Conveniently located off US Highway 62 between S. Pennsylvania Avenue and South May Avenue, the Top smoke shop in Oklahoma City, OK, carries reputable brands and leads the industry standard in sales of CBD.  

The dispensary’s neighborhood is home to the University of Oklahoma, Scissortail Park, Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park, and other landmarks. Before/after purchasing CBD products, clients can visit numerous art galleries, museums, restaurants, and historical attractions to be immersed in the culture, music, food, and entertainment. As the largest city and the capital of Oklahoma, the town is nestled in the state’s frontier country region and surrounded by thriving cities. 

Delta 8 THC is an active ingredient in marijuana structurally similar to Delta 9 THC. It offers the same characteristic feeling that last longer but with fewer side effects. Delta 8 THC products take on a chilled-out profile perfect for the modern person plagued with a busy lifestyle or performance pressure. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary carries the Best Delta 8 THC products that contain isolated extracts of the CBD hemp flower. Their Delta 8 gummies are sweet treats that come in various flavors and strengths depending on a person’s preference. Clients can choose between watermelon, blue raspberry, pineapple, or pink lemonade. As one of the most popular cannabis products, the gummies are great for someone who wants to try Delta 8 THC but doesn’t want to smoke or taste the plant-like profile of the cannabinoid.

However, clients who prefer the effects of the old-fashioned joint can shop for the Delta 8 THC pre-rolls/joints. They look, taste, and smoke like the typical joint with intense flavor profiles for relaxation and comfort. The joints come in glueberry, stardust, and green widow flavors for clients who want Indica, Sativa, or hybrid pre-rolls. The Delta 8 flower, on the other hand, produces distinct flavor profiles and aromas for use in a joint, bubbler, pipe, bong, or any other inhalation method. Clients can also find Delta 8 vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, flavored vape juice, concentrates, oils, moon rocks, roll-ons, lotions/creams, and pet treats. 

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is a fast-growing CBD dispensary chain in the country that recognizes the health benefits of CBD. The team is passionate about educating clients about CBD and making it accessible to anybody that needs it. With 17 physical locations across the nation, the dispensary is home to America’s most talked about natural remedy for physical, emotional, and mental health issues. 

To shop conveniently, visit their website. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is located at 2209 SW 104th St suite e, Oklahoma City, OK, 73159, US. For inquiries about the products/brands the store carries, call (405) 676-5323. 

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