MOOV Physiotherapy Is Proudly Working With CityKidsOttawa to Connect Children To Outings and Support Through Donations

MOOV Physiotherapy Is Proudly Working With CityKidsOttawa to Connect Children To Outings and Support Through Donations

MOOV Physiotherapy Is Proudly Working With CityKidsOttawa to Connect Children To Outings and Support Through Donations

Ottawa, ON – MOOV Physiotherapy has partnered with CityKidsOttawa to help children who need access to outings and support to thrive. The physiotherapy clinic sponsors the GivingTuesday initiative through a $5 donation for every google review they get. They have done this for a while and have now decided to bump their contributions to $10 for every Google review or referral they receive from clients. This move helps them mobilize community support by putting their patients at the heart of their charity initiative. 

The physiotherapists in Ottawa have joined this world’s most significant generosity movement to unleash power to the people and transform communities and, eventually, the world. The move boosts a sense of community and loyalty among their local patients, staff, and community members in Ottawa. The organization hopes to make a difference and is keen on maintaining transparency and accountability for its input in the charity project. There is a link on their website that clients can use to leave a Google review, translating into an additional $10 for the GivingTuesday initiative. 

MOOV Physiotherapy is a clinic that offers non-invasive treatments for pain relief. They have a robust value system and a patient-centered approach that creates a positive experience for those who visit their clinic. Their treatments realign the spine and body’s structure to relieve symptoms like inflammation, stiffness, limited joint mobility, soreness, and cramping caused by injuries, accidents, and conditions like arthritis, sciatica, bursitis, and more. They use heat therapy, exercises, and spinal manipulations for the best possible results. 

The physiotherapy clinic is a modern space designed for comfort and privacy. They treat diverse groups of patients ranging from children to older adults. Their staff comprises licensed and experienced physiotherapists who put patient needs first. They use modern technologies and advanced physio techniques to diagnose the problem and treat it from its root cause for sustainable results. 

A quote from the clinic’s website stated this about their services. 

“We understand that your symptoms can be unfamiliar and difficult to explain and that pain can feel threatening.We are familiar with the fear and vulnerability felt after an injury and the concerns of women that arise with motherhood and the years beyond. We help you overcome the challenges of returning to fitness and sports after an injury, surgery, or a period of inactivity.”

In addition to physiotherapy, MOOV Physiotherapy offers other services like tele-rehab for optimal health solutions in the comfort of patients’ homes. They provide pelvic floor physiotherapy for pregnant mothers and other patient groups. The clinic’s running rehab service uses video software to evaluate patients’ running biomechanics.

Contact the clinic staff by calling 613-422-5070. Visit the clinic’s website for more information on their participation in the GivingTuesday initiative. MOOV Physiotherapy is located at 280 Albert Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G8, CA.

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