QC Kinetix (Chanhassen) Uses Regenerative Medicine to Help Patients Experience an Improved Quality of Life

QC Kinetix (Chanhassen) Uses Regenerative Medicine to Help Patients Experience an Improved Quality of Life

QC Kinetix (Chanhassen) Uses Regenerative Medicine to Help Patients Experience an Improved Quality of Life

Chanhassen, MNQC Kinetix (Chanhassen) treats different types of body pains and injuries naturally through minimally invasive procedures in regenerative medicine. The clinic has various therapies to address pain in body parts like the back, knee, elbow, shoulder, wrists, and more. They treat joint and musculoskeletal pain from thrown-out muscles and joints and from degenerative diseases like arthritis. The therapies work by speeding up the body’s natural ability, allowing the damaged tissues to be restored much faster than normal. As a result, patients get back to their normal professional and personal lives promptly because the treatments have minimal downtime once the restoration process begins. 

The Chanhassen pain control clinic does not recommend using surgeries or potentially addictive pain meds to relieve pain. Their treatments may be an alternative to knee replacement surgery, offering patients who saw surgery as their only option a peace of mind. The clinic offers a free consultation to each patient to diagnose their condition and examine their medical history before recommending treatment. They may perform additional tests to improve the accuracy of their diagnoses. From the results, they inform patients whether they are eligible for regenerative medicine Chanhassen and take time to explain what the treatment entails and what changes to expect in the coming weeks. 

QC Kinetix (Chanhassen)’s natural treatments improve the function and quality of life. The results are long-lasting because as the therapies restore the damaged tissues, they strengthen them to avoid re-injury. During treatment in their modern facility, patients are provided with a personalized concierge-level service that offers them logistical support. The therapies relieve symptoms like redness and warmth, swelling, limited joint mobility, inflammation, knee grinding, popping, cramping, noisy joints, and so much more. 

The regenerative medicine clinic in Chanhassen has invested much in acquiring modern equipment and advanced technologies to improve patient outcomes. Their board-certified physicians are keen on understanding and meeting patient needs to create positive patient experiences. Patients enjoy a relaxed environment where feedback is welcome and incorporated into their unique treatment plans. 

“If you are one of the millions suffering from chronic pain or sports injuries, you may not need surgery to relieve your pain. QC Kinetix offers a wide range of regenerative medical solutions in Chanhassen, MN, to alleviate pain and promote recovery without the risks of surgery or addictive prescription medications.”

For sports injury treatment, sports medicine is used to treat mild and severe injuries, including those that have persisted after the use of traditional sports injury treatments. The clinic incorporates regenerative medicine, rest, and bracing, among other therapies, to treat the root cause of sports injury pain. 

QC Kinetix (Chanhassen) is located at 7770 Dell Rd, Suite 130, Chanhassen, MN, 55317. For consultation and booking, contact their staff by calling (612) 254-7123. Visit the clinic’s website to know more about how they help patients with different mild and chronic joint pain avoid surgery and prescription medication through the use of regenerative medicine to restore body function naturally.

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