QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) Provides Regenerative Sports Medicine as an Alternative Treatment to Surgery for Sports Injuries

Fort Mill, SC – QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) is a regenerative sports medicine clinic that offers a variety of services to help athletes recover from injuries and improve their performance. The team at QC Kinetix is led by board-certified medical providers. 

The Fort Mill sports medicine works by using the body’s natural ability to heal itself in healing damaged tissues. It addresses the root cause of pain for long-term pain relief, compared to how prescription medication only masks the same for a short period. This type of medicine can be used to treat a wide variety of injuries, including ligament and tendon tears, muscle strains, and cartilage damage. Regenerative sports medicine is a relatively new field, but it has grown rapidly as more and more athletes are looking for ways to avoid surgery and speed up their healing process. QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) tailors its treatments to all athletes to maximize healing potential as well as immunity.

The benefits of QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) regenerative sports medicine include accelerated healing, reduced inflammation, and improved joint function. There are a variety of sports injuries that can be treated with regenerative sports medicine, including but not limited to Achilles tendon injuries, patellar tendon injuries, rotator cuff tears, and ligament tears. This type of medicine can also be used to treat joint and arthritis pain.

Since its opening, QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) has helped many patients suffering from sports injuries regain their mobility and experience a higher quality of life. The medical providers have received success stories from patients who have recovered after undergoing treatment. Interested athletes are encouraged to visit their testimonials page and see the various testimonials.

Here is what Jeff Rogers, a happy client said, “I am a long-time weightlifter, suffering from tendonitis for almost a year. I had relief from the first treatment, now at my fourth, and my pain has reduced. Jarred and the entire staff are very professional and courteous. I recommend it for anyone, especially those that push themselves a little harder than they should. It will keep you in the game.” 

QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) provides a concierge-level service with their treatments. Their logistical support improves patients’ experience while they receive care at the facility. The regenerative treatments provided at the clinic provide a solution for hip pain, knee pain, low back pain, finger/toe pain and more.

To learn more about QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) regenerative sports medicine, visit their website or contact their customer representative at (704) 360-3057. Their office is located at 1200 Gold Hill Rd Suite 102, Fort Mill, SC, 29708, United States.

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