QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo)’s New Treatment Approach for Elbow Pain and Hip Pain in CA

QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo)’s New Treatment Approach for Elbow Pain and Hip Pain in CA

QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo)’s New Treatment Approach for Elbow Pain and Hip Pain in CA

Mission Viejo, CA: QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo) has ramped up the fight against chronic pain and sports injuries with regenerative medical therapies. Chronic pain is widespread and affects as many as 50 million American adults. Besides the glaring statistics, the clinic’s attention is drawn to the debilitating effects of chronic pain like limited mobility and daily life activities, anxiety and depression, dependence on opioids, and diminished quality of life. By providing fast-acting natural treatments, the QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo) providers are keen to ensure patients return to normal life in the shortest time possible. 

Regenerative medicine complements the body’s natural healing compounds to ease pain and inflammation and help promote healing for damaged tissues. With the treatments, athletes and other patients who have undergone treatment no longer need to worry about the effects of traditional pharmaceuticals and invasive surgery. The latter may be linked to many undesirable effects such as prolonged recovery.

The QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo) team is ready to provide quality care for patients beset by musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, and sports injuries. For effective outcomes, the clinic’s alternative joint pain treatment regimens are formulated based on the patient’s medical history, the severity of the injury, and prescription medications. Those traumatized by elbow pain due to overuse will be happy to find treatments to keep the muscles, bursae, ligaments, tendons, and bones fully functional. Minor strains and stresses in the elbow can be contained with rest and ice, while severe cases require professional attention. The clinic has assisted many patients with pain due to arthritic conditions and athletic injuries.

The clinic uses technology to determine the true cause of the pain and provide an accurate diagnosis. QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo) hip pain intervention is ideal for patients searching for a natural treatment alternative to surgery and over-reliance on pain medications. Patients are guided on basic strategies to minimize pain, and the steps to take should the pain situation exacerbate. The initial precautions include taking rest, applying a cold pack, and following an anti-inflammatory diet. Regenerative medicine Mission Viejo uses a multi-prong approach to cure hip pain, among them is the administration of orthobiologic injections harnessed from the natural compounds found in the body.

QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo) treatment experience is bolstered by unmatched patient experience by board-certified practitioners. Besides providing personalized concierge-level service, the providers offer a no-obligation consultation to determine the patient’s suitability to receive treatment. When approved, the patient is issued a customized treatment plan designed to deliver speedy relief from debilitating pain.  

Testimonials from patients suffering from chronic pain conditions lend credence to regenerative medicine’s treatment potential. QC Kinetix (Mission Viejo) is strategically located at 26732 Crown Valley Pkwy, Suite 361, Mission Viejo, CA, 92691. Its experienced medical providers can be reached at (213) 997-7246.

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