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Puyallup, WA – To understand personal injury law in Washington, an individual first needs to be aware of what constitutes a car accident injury. Sears Injury Law has a blog post titled What are some of the most common injuries that car accident victims suffer from? In the article, they go over catastrophic and soft tissue injuries common among passengers/drivers. It also addresses the factors that can lead to car accidents and categories of car accident injuries.

Sears Injury Law believes in representing the best interests of individuals in their fight against insurance companies, large corporations, and at-fault parties responsible for their car accident injuries. The staff at the law firm features a select group of hand-picked advocates, investigators, negotiators, paralegals, and staff committed to taking away the stress of paperwork or tedious legal proceedings from victims of personal injury, allowing them to focus on their recovery. Most of the staff have worked in insurance companies across Washington, and are therefore well-versed in the tricks and tactics insurance company attorneys use to downplay, disregard, or dismiss claims of car accident victims. 

A car accident, whether a catastrophic collision or minor fender bender, can result in injuries, vehicle/property damage, and other losses that are challenging to recover from. With the knowledge that trauma from a car accident is long-lasting, Sears Injury Law represents victims who need to recover damages for medical treatment costs, emotional trauma, wage loss, and time away from friends/family. The staff uses a client-centered approach to personal injury cases by working with focused energy throughout the case. They contact clients regularly, work proactively, represent the client’s best interests at a high level, and offer additional support when needed. 

Individuals involved in a car accident on the job can seek legal recourse at Sears Injury Law. The staff understands that the intersection between L&I/worker’s compensation and auto insurance is multifaceted, and this is why they handle everything on behalf of the client, including speaking with Labor and Industries. They also handle contact with the insurance companies involved, as well as the medical providers offering care. 

Often, the body is in shock after a car accident. This can cause a lot of confusion or mistakes. For this reason, Sears Injury Law has taken the initiative to educate individuals on What to do After an Accident or Personal Injury. In the article, they address the subject of liability, including its definition, determining liable parties, and its legal context in Washington. 

Attorney Robert L. Sears, the founder of Sears Injury Law, has previous experience as an investigator and negotiator for injury firms in Washington. He’s currently licensed to practice in every court in the state and is a contributing member of the Washington State Association for Justice EAGLE program. 

To learn more about the stipulations of car accident lawsuits in Puyallup, visit the law firm’s website or call (253) 286-7444 to schedule an appointment. Sears Injury Law is located at 929 E Main Ave #305a, Puyallup, WA 98372, US.

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