Seattle Injury Law PLLC is a Top-Rated Everett Accident Lawyer Fighting for the Rights of Injured Victims.

Everett, WA – Seattle Injury Law PLLC is interested in providing high-quality legal representation for victims of car accidents and personal injuries. The attorneys go the extra mile to ensure that a client is prepared, informed, and knowledgeable about the legal process in Washington. They use a unique and personalized client-centered approach to personal injury law by working with focused energy throughout the case, whether connecting with clients, pursuing at-fault parties, or advocating for legal rights. Alongside experienced attorneys, the law firm features a team of trained investigators, paralegals, negotiators, and legal professionals who’ve worked for insurance companies and understand their tactics. 

“What we do – All we do is a simple phrase demonstrating our belief that focusing on one particular area of the law allows us to devote all of our resources to cases, just like yours.” – Company Representative.

When a person is involved in an accident, they must call the police, gather the name/address of the other party if possible, obtain the other party’s insurance company/policy number, and call the Everett accident lawyer for inquiries. The attorneys have represented hundreds of victims of car accidents and helped them recover damages for their losses. They leverage their experience to communicate arguments/information with insurance companies and stand up for severely injured victims against large corporations.

Seattle Injury Law PLLC takes on traumatic and catastrophic injuries resulting from collisions, crashes, side-swaps, multi-vehicle accidents, distracted driving, overspeeding, recklessness, and operating under the influence. The law firm also represents victims of motorcycle and pedestrian accidents struck by cars/trucks. Once contacted, the attorneys conduct extensive case evaluations to determine a client’s injuries, understand their account of the accident, and address any concerns. The attorney may refer the client to a medical professional/facility for attention. If a client is severely injured and can’t make a call or visit the law firm, the attorneys visit them conveniently at their homes/hospital beds. 

The attorneys build a case against insurance companies, big businesses, and other at-fault parties when they have a clear picture of the accident. They examine legal documents/reports, consult/hire expert witnesses, file a personal injury claim, and participate in negotiations/settlements/trials. Throughout this process, they keep the client informed and updated about their case, next steps, personal injury directives, and the law. At the negotiations/settlement/trial stage, the attorneys recover clients’ medical expenses, past/future lost wages, emotional distress, property damages, and other economic/non-economic damages. 

When a wrongful death occurs from an accident, Seattle Injury Law PLLC intervenes to manage the stress and finances on behalf of the grieving family. The team files/handles legal claims for funeral/hospital expenses, sets up trust accounts, and structures settlements among children/spouses/parents, allowing them to focus on getting back on track. The attorneys also represent victims of dog bites resulting from negligent owners. They may recommend medical care for bites/infections and counseling services for children.  

To learn more about the car accident law team, visit their website or call (253) 820-9770 to request a case evaluation. Seattle Injury Law PLLC is located at 1000 SE Everett Mall Way Suite 203, Everett, WA, 98208, US.

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