Tuning into America: States Ranked by Their Love and Disdain for Live Music

Tuning into America: States Ranked by Their Love and Disdain for Live Music

Tuning into America: States Ranked by Their Love and Disdain for Live Music

Las Vegas, Nevada – Cheapo Ticketing, a leading ticket broker, has recently published a comprehensive report detailing the states in America with the highest and lowest interest in live music. The study took into account various factors such as population size, the presence of music venues and festivals, and the proportion of GDP dedicated to art, culture and entertainment.

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States with the Highest Affinity for Live Music

The report identifies Massachusetts, Washington, Washington, DC, California and Nevada as the states with the most fervor for live music. Massachusetts clinched the top position, thanks to its numerous state-specific music festivals, with Boston Calling being a crowd favorite. The state also boasts a significant fan base for the popular touring artist, Harry Styles.

Washington secured the second spot, with its 54 prominent music venues and a considerable portion of its GDP invested in art, culture and entertainment. The state’s most adored touring artist is Billie Eilish.

Washington, DC, renowned for its vibrant punk and funk scenes, ranks third. The city’s most attended festival is Rolling Loud, and Alicia Keys is the most sought-after act.

Rounding out the top five are California, known for hosting numerous festivals including Coachella, and Nevada, home to twenty-five arenas and numerous other live music venues.

States with the Lowest Interest in Live Music

Conversely, the report by Cheapo Ticketing shows the states with the least interest in live music are Vermont, South Dakota, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Kansas. Despite having a moderate population, Vermont lacks significant state-specific festivals and has only two notable music establishments, earning it the last spot on the list. However, the state does have a dedicated fan base for Pearl Jam.

South Dakota, West Virginia, and Mississippi also demonstrated a lower priority for live music. Interestingly, both West Virginia and Mississippi share a fondness for the Rolling Loud festival.

Kansas, despite having only one state-specific festival, made the list. However, the state’s fans consistently show up for Def Leppard, the most popular touring band in Kansas.

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