WEIYE, a Top 10 Aluminum Profile Brand in China, Has Increased its Production Capacity

China: In continuation of WEIYE’s culture of keeping pace with the times and providing builders with quality aluminum profiles, the certified company has increased its production capacity. Currently, the Chinese aluminum profile brand produces 500,000 tons of products annually. All the production takes place in the 83 internationally advanced aluminum extrusion production lines. 

The growth to becoming one of the top 10 industrial aluminum profile brands has been deliberate and well-planned. First, the company has invested in all modern technologies to streamline production. They have some of the most intelligent production systems, such as an electrophoresis production line, large-scale automatic vertical oxidation, and full-automatic vertical storage. Second, the enterprise has a nationally recognized laboratory, allowing the experts to research ways to make strong and durable aluminum profiles. 

In addition, the manufacturer has an ever-expanding inventory. They make aluminum profiles for clients interested in solar panel profiles, industrial series, construction, curtain wall profiles, and formwork systems (among others). All products (whether for thermal break casements, curtain wall systems, or other projects) are made from quality materials. They are also lightweight, sturdy, and priced competitively. 

Besides meeting the market demand, WEIYE has put in measures to ensure all the manufacturing does not harm the environment. Thanks to the company’s progressive policies and pro-environment practices, it has been approved by CQM, which is the crown jewel certification. 

In addition to expanding its production capacity, WEIYE has automated most of its production processes, from sourcing aluminum and molding to warehousing. Thanks to the ERP management system, they have eliminated defects synonymous with large productions. Additionally, the team effectively tracks the entire production process, allowing them to be consistent with the final products.

Besides increasing its production capacity, the enterprise appreciates the need to design and manufacture aluminum products that withstand weather, graffiti, and corrosion. Depending on the intended use, the company offers over 3000 surface treatments. Also, the enterprise has wood-gain, fluorocarbon spraying, and powder coating production lines. 

The manufacturer further collaborates with the client to control the products’ inventory. They have replaced manual processes with intelligent management systems to streamline the supply chain. Thanks to the vendor-managed inventories and the Kanban programs, the flow of aluminum profile extrusion from production to the client’s warehouse is safe and seamless. 

With the demand for quality aluminum profiles rising in the global market, the Chinese manufacturer is partnering with like-minded entities in different countries. The company offers sales and service training — ensuring that clients in overseas markets get quality services and products. In addition, the market leader has shared (on the website) its intention to create a perfect after-sale system as another strategy to streamline its interaction with abroad clients. 

Clients interested in learning more about WEIYE’s internationally licensed patents, catalog, or the company’s future strategies (such as forming distribution systems overseas) can visit the website. 

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