What Should Athletes Expect from QC Kinetix (Robinson) Pittsburgh Sports Medicine in Pittsburgh, PA

What Should Athletes Expect from QC Kinetix (Robinson) Pittsburgh Sports Medicine in Pittsburgh, PA

What Should Athletes Expect from QC Kinetix (Robinson) Pittsburgh Sports Medicine in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA: QC Kinetix (Robinson) is presenting regenerative medicine as a lasting cure for joint pain emanating from musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. This is welcome news for athletes and clients forced to live with chronic pain. QC Kinetix (Robinson)’s board-certified physicians are trained to administer minimally invasive treatments whose benefits go beyond eliminating pain and improving function. Biologic therapies and regenerative medicines promote self-healing and reduce dependency on pain medication and invasive surgery. A no-obligation consultation is provided as a starting point.

At QC Kinetix (Robinson), athletes get an opportunity to be treated at a state-of-the-art clinic offering personalized care combined with concierge-level services. Popular treatments target joint pain due to arthritis and pain due to sports injuries. It is essential to recognize that regenerative therapies target specific areas and work at the cellular level by repairing damaged tissues.  

As a strategy to deliver lasting relief from chronic pain, QC Kinetix (Robinson) only administers the latest in natural regenerative therapies. Patients with the following symptoms may be good candidates for regenerative medicine. Limited joint mobility, challenges completing everyday tasks, and redness and warmth. The limited joint mobility can lead to difficulties stretching or extending extremities like knees, legs, elbows, and legs. Most joint conditions treated at the pain control clinic are related to arthritis pain. Whatever the cause, the providers will educate the patients on the choices they need to make.

QC Kinetix is a national leader in providing non-surgical pain relief and has helped many patients lead improved lifestyles. In the same breadth, QC Kinetix (Robinson) board-certified sports medicine physicians are ready to work with athletes with sports injuries to enhance their performance. Clients have an added opportunity to boost their energy levels and stamina through the supplements sold on the Pittsburgh sports medicine website. They can also join the QuickStart Program to learn how the products improve joint and musculoskeletal tissue health. Their joint and bone supplements combine vital compounds, such as Boswellia, Curcumin, and Collagen Type II. 

Google Reviews reveal growing interest and patient satisfaction with the care plan and team. A recent testimonial reads, “Great staff and doctors…make you feel like family…had arthritis in wrist and had constant pain, swelling..after treatment back to normal..would definitely recommend them.” The consultation session with the in-house doctors runs for about one hour and helps determine the patient’s suitability for regenerative medicine. Exams are provided at no extra cost. 

With regenerative medicine, athletes who have been told surgery is the only way to improve health have an opportunity to say no and enjoy pain relief. The experienced providers at QC Kinetix (Robinson) can be reached at (724) 201-4230. Their clinic is nested at 2 Robinson Plaza, Suite 310, Pittsburgh, PA, 15205, USA. 

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