$1.1 Billion Settlement for LCD Buyers

There is good news for anyone who has purchased televisions, monitors or laptops with LCD (liquid crystal display) flat screens. Ten dominant electronic manufacturers settled lawsuits that have to do with raising the prices of TVs, monitors and notebook computers with LCD flat screens illegally. The LCD Price Fixing Class Action Settlement fund is $1.1 billion dollars and is the largest anti-trust all-cash class action recovery. Consumers that meet the criteria may receive as much as $25 or more once they answer any questions about how many LCD flat screen products they have purchased between the years of 1999 and 2006.

How much money they will receive will be determined based on the quantity of LCD flat screen televisions, monitors or laptops bought between those years.

The money will be available to anyone living in the following states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Vermont, Tennessee, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, California, West Virginia, Nevada, Missouri, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, South Dakota, Rhode Island, North Dakota, New Mexico, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New York. Anyone in the District Columbia are included.
You do not have to have any receipts or papers of evidence showing any proof of purchase. If you would like to make a claim, go to www.LCDClass.com. December 6, 2012 is the deadline.

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